Weight loss for new moms

My son is eight months old and I have been working out regularly for about two months. I started out with a body-shaping workout but switched to walking 20-30 minutes a day at my doctor’s recommendation. I try to avoid fat in my diet, but I don’t want to cut too much on my calorie intake because I am nursing my son. I want to fit comfortably back in my pre-pregnancy jeans, but I don’t seem to see much improvement. Do I need to change something?

Weight loss for new moms

20 to 30 minutes a day is a nice amount of walking to maintain health and get some conditioning. But if you want to lose weight at the same time you’re eating for two, my suggestion is that you do two of those sessions a day.

With a great stroller, it can be a plus for both of you! You can eat very well, and still lose weight if you eat whole, fresh foods and grains and cut back on sugar and fats. You’re right to consider you and your baby’s nutrition before you consider your old jeans!

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