Well water drawbacks

We live in an older house that’s hooked up to a well, not to the city water supply. Are my children – ages 2 and 4 – missing out on any minerals by drinking only well water? Should I start buying bottled water, or give them vitamins?

One important mineral that your children may be missing is fluoride. Flouridated water, whether from a well or city tank, has been shown to wipe out cavities in kids. Levels of fluoride in groundwater can vary widely, however, while community water supplies are often supplemented with fluoride to ensure adequate amounts.

To find out how much fluoride is in your well water, have it tested by a local water district or a county or state health department. If levels are too low, your physician can prescribe supplements for your children. Don’t bother with bottled water: Spring water can vary in its fluoride content, and won’t contain fluoride at all if the label says it has been “deionized,” or demineralized.

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