What do we know about barley?

It seems certain that the first bread for the mankind was made ​​with barley flour, whose cultivation dates back to 5000 BC in Egypt and Europe already dwelling in the prehistoric age used in the preparation of food and tortillas, or mixing barley flour and oil did the butterfingers, strung on the tip of a stick of wood, were roasted on the flame, this is the way they were doing for many centuries even after the Roman soldiers.

Until the sixteenth century, perhaps longer people used to bake with barley flour than with wheat, but it seems that it started to declin, barley flour especially becoming animal feed.

It became famous again in the north, especially in Ireland for the preparation of whiskey and beer. Using barley flakes the Irish and the English people generally used to prepare a pap with milk morning: the porridge. In Italy pearl barley is used for making vegetable soups, with a role similar to that of rice soup, but the cooking time is a little longer. One hundred grams of pearl barley provide 346 calories. During the cooking, barley increases in volume, so 15 or 20 g of barley per person is more than enough

How to prepare the porridge

Prepare a normal polenta with 1 liter of water or milk, 15 g salt 300 g barley flakes (flour) or oats. Serve the hot polenta with cold milk, or vice versa. If you like, and I’m sure you do, you can add all kinds of fruits, mint leaves, you can replace salt with sugar ao with honey. Also you can add nuts and peanuts, jam or jellyor enything croses your mind!

Bon appetit, mes amis!

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