What do we know about milk

The milk is the most complex food and it is sufficient, during a time more or less considerable, and in some cases for a year or more, all feeding infants and small animals. You drink the milk of cows, sheep, goats and even camels and asses. The color is an opaque white, slightly sweet flavor, delicate, and yet perceptibly vary not only by species of animals, but also according to their diets. The flavor of certain herbs can be found regularly ingested in milk.

Of course, the more usual cow’s milk, but others also have similar composition and behavior. It is food with high caloric value, especially to sugar and oil, but its nutritional value is extraordinary for the constructive power of wear and repair of various cell substances contained therein. It follows that milk is a food particularly suitable for children, but in reality, then in all the seasons of life.

Although it is a liquid, milk must be considered a food and drink. It should be swallowed in small sips with an appropriate saliva that facilitate digestion and assimilation.

A certain amount of cold milk in the fridge eaten it all at once can cause serious health problems producing a clot that disposes of the stomach with greater difficulty.

After a certain period, which varies depending on the temperature, the milk sours and coagulates, is still edible, it seems that even some of the characters of the Old Testament longevity was due to the frequent ingestion of ‘sour milk’. Healthy to drink is also ‘serum’ milk, that is what remains after the “curd”.

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