What do we know about rice

Rice and wheat are well known, the two most common foods in the world, which seems to be of higher consumption is rice.

In fact, in Asia, more than one billion of people live mainly with rice, from five millennia, is grown in China. There is a law of Emperor Chin-Nong, who lived 3000 years before Christ, forcing the royal family to attend the ceremony of the sowing rice, as it was considered the main food of the Celestial Empire.

In the fourth century BC, the philosopher Theophrastus and the historian Strabo speak about rice and they announce the rise uses. In Italy rice was known since the time of the crusades of Venice – it was imported from the East in its hinterland. In the kingdom of Naples and Lombardy reached at half of the sixteenth century. In North America appeared in the late seventeenth century and in the South in the next century. The rice Oryza saliva apparently owes its name to the region of Orissa in Hindustan, and there probably comes from the greek word Orissa which derive all the names of the European rice.

The rice, if removed the husk that enclose the grains, after the removal of the pericarp, is then further refined and bleached before being marketed.

The husking rice compromises the nutritional value, depleted of many vitamins and minerals. However, you may find in the market even brown rice, to be used – boiled with various spices, or added to vegetable soups.

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