What is Really Causing Your Allergy

Most allergies are truly easy to figure out if you recognize and understand a few simple basics. Here are some key clues that can quickly provide practical, sensible and inexpensive answers.

General Tips:

Which Areas of the Body Can Be Affected?

Don’t think of allergy as simply being asthma, hay fever, hives or itchy skin.

Any area of the body can be affected in different members of one single family. Mold exposure might cause one child to have asthma or spasm of the air tubes, another might have bladder spasm causing bed wetting, and a third might have one infection after another because of nose swelling caused by hayfever.

A simple air purifier or a simple one week diet might relieve all these symptoms (see “Products and Ordering Information” page for more information).

Other Equally Important But Less Frequently Unsuspected Allergies or Medical Complaints Can Include:

  • In Infancy: Prolonged screaming and crying, many formula changes due tonumerous intestinal complaints (colic, diarrhea, constipation, excess spitting, vomiting), non-stop need to be fed, inability to sleep, head banging, crib rocking, reluctance to be cuddled, infrequent smiling, irritability, recurrent ear infection, congested nose or chest, eczema, excessive drooling, extreme perspiration, walking before 10 months.
  • In Toddlers: Temper tantrums, intestinal complaints, leg aches, earaches, hyperactivity, behavior problems, fatigue, stuffy nose, throat-clearing, chronic cough, asthma, headaches, frothy mouth mucus, crawling in dark corners and refusal to be touched.
  • In Children: Hayfever, clucking throat sounds, asthma,nose rubbing, headaches, leg aches, intestinal complaints (diarrhea, constipation), sudden mood and behavior changes (hyperactivity, fatigue, depression, irritability, aggression), erratic infections, bedwetting after five years of age.
  • In Adults or Adolescents: Fatigue, depression, irritability, aggression, moodiness, easy crying, intermittent poor memory, chronic asthma, hayfever or sinusitis, intestinal complaints (bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas), chronic bowel disease, bad breath, hives.

REMEMBER: No one knows your body or your child’s body as well as you do. You can spot things that a most astute physician can miss. Use your special insight to help you pinpoint problem exposures sooner. For example, some children become uncontrollable shortly after their ears become too red or their legs become very, very wiggly. When you see such clues, immediately ask yourself, “What was eaten, touched, or smelled?” (For photos showing the major symptoms of allergic children, please see the “Photo Examples of Allergy Symptoms” and videos page.)

Other Typical and Unsuspected Forms of Allergies

Whether you have symptoms or not depends upon your level of exposure in relation to your level of tolerance. If you are exposed to more than your personal tolerance level, your “barrel” is too full and you have symptoms. If you are exposed to less, you have some spare room left in your “barrel” and you remain without symptoms. This is why certain exposures cause symptoms sometimes but not at other times. Stresses and infections can make your allergic symptoms occur

more easily because they lower your usual tolerance level (or decrease the size of your “barrel”). On the other side, you can tolerate some things to which you are sensitive, IF your barrel is partially empty. In other words, you don’t have to do everything and live in a glass house on the top of a windy mountain. Merely do what is needed and what you can and with luck, you will lower your barrel level and feel much better.

Remember, everyone does not have pollen allergies when the pollen count is high. Only those with weakened immune systems will develop allergies because of some combination of heredity and/or too much exposure to chemicals or other substances which can cause illness.

Think of dust, molds, pollen, foods, chemicals, and electromagnetic energy as possible causes of your perplexing persistent medical complaints, especially if you have allergic relatives or if you look allergic. See the videos which clearly demonstrate the characteristic look and actions of affected individuals under Products and Resources. Many individuals would be remarkably improved if they merely stopped all dairy, sugar and wheat products for one week or used a quality air purifier. Others can be helped in a month or so by merely using proper nutrients. Sometimes the solutions to chronic medical problems are amazingly simple.

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