What is pancetta?

It is a special type of beacon, also known as “skinny fat”. The fat is interspersed with muscle fibers sometimes quite substantial.

Pancetta can be kept for curing, can be “stretched” or “curled. ” It is very tasty and often is eaten like a real salami. It can be flavored (if rolled up) with pepper and herbal aromas. It is used as lard, which, however, is more tasty. It can be cooked in a soup full of vegetables and then divide it into pieces after cooking. Chopped or cut into small cubes or strips adds flavor to food with which it cooks.

Especially suited to peas, processed in any way. Minced, salt and chopped herbs, such as lard, you can keep it in a bowl with lid, for the same use, and will also be great served in a rustic way, with polenta or grilled, according to a use of Veneto and mountaineer.

The pancetta can also be smoked and served sliced ​​as well as sausages, and cooked for food, which will give a special flavor. I use pancetta for the pasta sausage, prepared with tomato sauce, a few mint leaves, pepper and salt.

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