What is Rose Hips and what will it do for me?

Q: I just bought vitamine C and it came with Rose Hips so i want to know what this is and how it will effect my body.

A: Virtually all the vitamin C on the market is synthesized from sugar. Natural extraction is too costly. Anyway, rose hips are added to the vitamin C as a source of bioflavonoids which would occur in natural sources of vitamin C, and help the vitamin C to work better. There are many different bioflavonoids, each with their own effects. For instance rutin can help with vision, and quercetin is antihistamine. Bioflavonoids are also weakly estrogenic, antitumor, and help strengthen blood vessels, among their other effects.

Rose hips come from rose bushes. They are the part of the plant directly under the flower where the seeds are formed. They do contain vitamin C themselves, but in varying amounts, so they are added to synthetic vitamin C rather than being sold as a vitamin C source.

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