What to eat while you're breastfeeding

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What to eat while you're breastfeeding 1

I’m a new mom and I’ve never been so hungry in my life! I know that breastfeeding requires about 800 additional calories a day, but I end up eating junk all day because I don’t have a free hand to prepare anything. Can you recommend healthy foods that take little or no preparation? I’m a chocoholic, so if you have any ideas that include chocolate, I’d be forever grateful!

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New moms are busy all the time — but you need to take the time to make special provisions for yourself. A nutritious diet will keep you healthy and energized. And keep in mind, while you’re breastfeeding, your diet also affects your child’s health.

What to eat while you're breastfeeding 2


It helps to keep healthy snacks on hand that take no preparation: low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese cubes, baby carrots. Dried fruit like apricots, prunes and raisins, and fresh fruit like bananas, apples and pears are another healthy snacking option. If you’re worried about eating too much, try using small plastic snack bags to portion out things like nuts, trail mix and granola.

For one-step lunch and dinner ideas, check out our Millennium Diet for tips and recipes. And it’s always wise to make extra for dinner so you can put leftovers directly into plastic containers to use for lunch the next day.

To satisfy your chocolate cravings, try regular or reduced-fat hot chocolate. Or treat yourself to a small piece of very good dark chocolate. Dove bites are my favorite – they’re small and very satisfying!

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