When walking causes foot pain

I walk every day for an hour, morning and night. I have recently developed shooting pains up the front of my feet when I walk. It’s not enough to keep me from exercising but enough so that I am in pain the whole time. Any ideas? I have good insoles and am in shape, but it has not improved in the past week.

Walking causes foot pain

When you’re feeling consistent or sharp pain is not the proper time to get on the Web seeking solutions. It’s time to see an appropriate medical practitioner in person. From this side of the computer, there’s no telling what’s wrong. The problem might be biomechanical, or it might be a strain or even a fracture. Who knows? My point is this: Pain requires attention; a medical practitioner should be consulted, at least for a diagnosis. Then you can decide what type of treatment regimen to follow. Guessing about the diagnosis can lead to further injury.

Check with your general practitioner or see an orthopedist or podiatrist.

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