When walking makes your toes numb

Many times during my walk (2 to 2.5 miles) the middle toes of my left foot will start to feel numb. Are my shoes tied too tight? Do I need a shoe with better arch support? Or is this a symptom of some other problem?

I won’t pretend I can diagnose your foot problem, but too-tight shoes and lack of arch support could both be part of it. I have a pair of hiking boots that always seem to numb the bottom of my forefoot. The company said they would soften up, but so far, that hasn’t worked.

Try walking in a variety of shoes that you have, even if they’re not your “walking” shoes, and see if the problem persists or if it’s just an anomaly of that one pair of shoes. You’re not walking really far, so even a pair of casual sneakers or sporty shoes will do.

If your toes go numb in every pair, see a podiatrist for an evaluation.

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