Whiteheads arround my eyes

I initially got a little whitehead under my eye which has now spread and I have a number of these small pimple like things around both my eyes. I went to a skin specialist who said it might be milia ( as the top layer of the skin is not allowing the fat which normally comes out with the sweat to come out) he gave me medicines like vitamin A creams and anti allergy creams and has been treating me for about 8 months now but I see no difference. I have noticed that they become less visible in the winters and show more when I am out in the son. The doctor had cleaned up a few by pricking into them and removing the white matter inside it & it helped but I guess you just can not go on pricking hundreds of them that keep coming. Is there any herbs or home remedies that I can try ….. I am desparate to get rid of them. Please do help!

Have you tried hydrogen peroxide for whiteheads? After washing your face at night, use a soaked cotton ball and wipe the area. The peroxide will penetrate the skin and eat the pus. You will have white patches on the skin, but these will be gone by morning. This is my first choice, if it doesn’t work feel free to e mail me for more possibilities.

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