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Over the years, estrogen,the women hormones ensure a natural protection against free radicals and cardio-vascular accidents. After 50 years, but their percentage drops brutally and this protection is diminished. In addition, the body factory in quantity less vitamin D, which, along with calcium, it is essential to the integrity of bone and skin flexibility.

Thus, after 50 years, the woman must monitor carefully the intake of vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis, vitamin C to fight infections and fixing of calcium, vitamins A and E to prevent ageing and cardio-vascular problems. Finally, it needs vitamins B1 and B6 for maintaining the impetus of the muscle and brain.

Loss of estrogen and essential fatty acids (vitamin F), with time, lead to the deshidratation of her skin excessively. The Ideal would be to stopi the process using cosmetic products of quality, that can nourish the skin and hidrate. Up to a point, texture is the essential element in creams. It must be easy and should be neither excessively fat, nor as a a penetrant.

Experts do not lose any opportunity to remember that at any age, but especially towards old age, physical exercise is important for muscles, joints or heart. Walking, outdoors, also allows the synthesis of vitamin D, essential to bone tissue.

Here are what vitamins should be taken if …
use anticoncepționale: B1, B2, B6 and B9;
are you suffering from “premenstrual syndrome”: B6 + magnesium;
you have the skin and hair with excessive fat: B6;
are you vegetarian: B12;
you have brittle fingernails: B2;
you have cracked lips: B2;
follow a treatment with antibiotics: B2, C;
hard sleepers: B6 + magnesium;
you have memory disorders: B1, B6, B9, B12;
drink too much coffee: B1, calcium, magnesium;
you are often cooled: C + magnesium;
do you have dandruff: B6;
your hair falls: B8, B5, B6.

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