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Peru: Archeological Treasure

Today, Cusco is known as the ‘Archaeological capital of America’. About 50 miles northwest of Cusco, you will find Machu Picchu, the ruins of a fantastic fortress city of the ancient Incas–18 sq. km. of terraced stone walk linked by 3,000 steps, stone upon stone, fitted together perfectly without cement! This ‘Lost City of the …

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Peru: The Inca Empire

About 1200 A.D. (C.E.), a South American Indian people called the Incas founded a kingdom in Southern Peru. They ruled one of the largest, strongest and richest empires in South America. Our friend relates, “Historically, Peru and the Inca Empire cannot be separated. Peru is popularly known as the heart of the Inca Empire”. From …

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Peru: Wealth Of The Earth

Peru’s ‘wealth of the earth’ also includes its bountiful natural food crops. These food crops have been the traditional food of its native people for thousands of years. And for us to learn about it, we have to look a little bit into Peru’s long history. Scholars believe that the very first people to live …

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Peru: Land Of Contrasts

Peru is sometimes considered a land of great extremes, a land of great contrasts. For example, the climate is very hot in one part and very cold in another part. The landscape ranges from the snow-capped Andes Mountains to steaming jungles on the western foothills; from thick, green forests to dry, rugged desert along the …

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Look Before You Leap

There is a very simple truth that everyone seems to be overlooking: “It is much easier to prevent a problem, than it is to solve one.” Unfortunately, in our society, the drive for economic development and material enjoyment blinds us from the potential dangers that technology may cause. “It’s a good thing that this world …

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The Essence of Things

‘Round ‘n round we go….where we stop nobody knows. Man is on a never-ending quest for MORE, BIGGER, BETTER. With each passing day we find hundreds of literature on health, diet, nutrition, foods, and the like. Right when we think we’ve got it together, yet another revelation hits us: “Wait! Dr. Sure’s previous breakthrough on …

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Blinded by a Diet

In many circles, proclaiming yourself a vegetarian is opening the door for ridicule. Even if the people are respectful and manage to bite their tongue while you’re in their presence, chances are the criticisms will fly when your back is turned. You may recall, not too long ago, hearing some news about a man that …

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