Enokidake flammulina velutipes

Enokidake – Japan delicacy

Enokidake (Flammulina velutipes) is a well-known delicacy in Japan, where it is appreciated for a fine garnish on soups. Also known as Velvet Stem, Golden Mushroom, and Enoki, the Enokidake mushrooms are surprisingly fruity and slightly acidic, rather than the usual earthy flavor for most mushrooms. Cultivation of the Enokidake, which thrives in North America, …

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Broccoli raab brocoletti di rape brocoletto

Broccoli raab

Broccoli raab (Brassica rapa, var. ruvo) resembles sparsely budded broccoli stalks and is related to the turnip. Although the bitter taste has never been a favorite in North American cuisine, this vegetable is often used in Italian or Chinese cooking as it adds an aggressive zest to pasta and potato dishes, or with spicy curries and Carib …

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Bot flies

Bot Flies

Description: The bot fly is not your average housefly. The various species can be described as myiatic flies, meaning they invade living tissue or organs of humans and animals when they are still in their larvae stage. In their adult form, species like the Horse Stomach bot fly Gasterophilus intestinalis resemble honey bees and are …

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