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Just about all clocks and watches use quartz as a component. That is because quartz vibrates at a specific rate, never any faster nor slower, and this is where your watch or clock gets it’s timing. Different crystals however vibrate at different rates. Scientists have long known, that at the atomic level, everything is energy. Light to dark, it’s all vibration. They also know one vibration will always effect another. For example, a tuning fork that is tuned to a C, when struck will cause the piano string that is tuned to the same frequency “C” to vibrate or “co-vibrate”, without even touching it, while leaving other strings dormant.

Crystal therapy ~ crystals for guidance

Crystals can be viewed as a vibrating tuning fork that when placed next to certain “dormant” energy fields within the body will tend to activate a vibrational response.

Over the ages crystals have been found to carry vibrations that stimulate certain energy Centers within our electromagnetic systems that are in constant motion within our very bodies. As we have a circulatory system we so to have a vibrational system. This has been well documented and researched by such eastern sciences as Yoga, or most popular acupuncture. This is where crystals come in to the picture.

Crystals vibrate at different rates, thus having the ability to effect our entire bodies systems. An example of this is if you place a Rutilated Quartz Crystal which has its own electromagnetic charge on the nape of your neck(a spinal fluid reservoir called the medulla oblongata) This has the effect of charging the electromagnetic properties of the spinal fluid achieving such results as clearer, faster, communication between the nervous system and the brain.

There are a number of different ways to interface with these gifts from the earth. You may lay them on different areas of your body such as the acupuncture points. This enables the crystals to interact with your electromagnetic system.

What is intuitional healing

I learnt the true meaning of this when I Went to a workshop held by a World renowned healer and a Russian Scientist! It was supposed to be on radiation(the Healer had worked with the Chernobyl victims and the scientists had studied him!) It turned out to be more about healing which suited me fine anyway. The Healer told me a story which went like this…. Before he was a healer he was a film director. He was in the United States filming a documentary.

They were interviewing a genuine American Shaman, The cameraman had a bad cough that day and because they were using a rare size of film it was getting very costly to stop and rewind every time the cameraman coughed. The Shaman started to look around, then spotting a tree he went over and pulled a single leaf from it, He passed this to the camera man to chew on. Sure enough the cough disappeared, so our future healer says to the shaman “ahh so the leaf of that tree stops coughing”? to which the Shaman replied “No, THIS leaf will heal THIS man at THIS time”.

After hearing this story, I began to grasp what intuitive healing is all about. I decided that was the path I Personally wanted to take. I have stopped analyzing why the crystals work and thus gained a more intermit relationship with them. The main thing is not to have any preconceived ideas and just do what comes to mind. After this, the benefits just can be seen!

Chakras and Crystal Therapy

Chakras are the central focus of ethereal energies for our body. They are spinning wheels of conscious energy. The chart provided only shows the 7 major chakras, each of these chakras will then project energy out to up to 50 minor chakras (Acupuncture points). Each major chakra has it’s own color, you will see these represented in the chart below.

Chakras and crystals
Place any of the following crystals on corresponding chakra points.
ROOT-Red & black crystals or stones such as Black Tourmaline, Garnet, Obsidian, Red Jasper & coal.
SACRAL-Orange crystals or stones such as Carnelian, Amber, Rutilated quartz and Orange Calcite.
SOLAR PLEXUS-Yellow crystals or stones such as Citrine Quartz, golden calcite and golden Topaz.
HEART-Pink/Green crystals or stones such as Watermelon Tourmaline, Apatite, Rose Quartz & Rhodonite.
THROAT-Blue crystals such as Sodalite, Lapis, Azurite, Blue Lace Agate & Kunzite.
THIRD EYE-Purple crystal or stones are used here. Amethyst, Fluorite, Sugilite, Charoite & violet Mica.
CROWN-White/Gold crystals or stones such as Clear Quartz, Apophilite, gold Citrine, and Selenite.


The energyof the Chakras can vary greatly, but I will define the 3 following categories:



Treat with intense redMaintain & Enhance with red/blackTreat with Blue
Lack self-esteem, head is always in the clouds. Procrastination, low sexual drive, Feel insecure.Grounded, Master of one self. Can manifest abundance. Limitless energy.Egotistic, selfish, materialistic, sexual focus is solely genital. Dominating.


Treat with strong OrangeMaintain & Enhance with Gold & OrangeTreat with Purple
Resentful, very shy, freezes with fear, sexual guilt, UN-trusting, buries emotions .Creative, Friendly, attuned to feelings, intuitive, concern for others .Aggressive, manipulative, self serving, see others as sex objects, volatile emotions .


Treat with strong YellowMaintain & Enhance with YellowTreat with Violet
Lackof personal energy, low Esteem, self Conscious, confusion, insecurity.Joyful, good self esteem, strong personal power, relaxed, multi skilled.Workaholic, too intellectual, resents authority, superiority/ inferiority complex .


Treat with Green &/or PinkMaintain with Green &/or PinkTreat with Green &/or Pink
Paranoia, indecisive, feels unloved, sorry for oneself, afraid of letting go .Unconditional Love, emotionally balanced, empathetic, compassionate.Very critical, mood swings, possessiveness, demanding, manic depressive, tense.


Treat with Blue.Maintain with a variety of Blues.Treat with Red.
Inconsistent, unreliable, unable to express thoughts, manipulative, cowardice.Good Speaker, Artistic, Centered, lives in the NOW, easily experience divine energy.Self righteous, talks excessively, arrogant, will force opinions on others.


Treat with PurpleMaintain with PurpleTreat with Orange
Undisciplined, Oversensitive, Meek, afraid of success, dissolution, schizophrenic.Non material, Charismatic, Telepathy, master of one self, no Fear, total vision.Egotistical, Arrogant, Manipulative, Dogmatic, talks down to others.


Treat with Clear, White, GoldMaintain withClear, White, GoldTreat with Red
Indecisive, no creativeness, no joy of life, melancholy.Alchemist, no fear of death, miracle worker, open to the Divine.Frustrated, manic depressive, migraines, unrealized power

These charts may be used as a guide as where to put the crystals. However they are not intended to be the be all & end all of crystal healing. As with most healing Techniques there is a lot of room for intuition to play a part. If you get a feeling to go with something that is different to this chart, By all means follow that feeling. Crystal healing is fun and spiritually fulfilling.

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Body layout of crystals in crystal healing

The following is simply a photographic record of the way I have used crystals. In the 4 case histories presented, you will see that the front layouts are quite different to one another. The layouts patterns just sort of “occur” I see or feel them just as they go on. The Back layouts however, all come out about the same. I feel this is because I tend to treat the physical body (which is pretty much standard for everyone, cellularly) through back layouts, Where as the front layouts are of a more spiritual nature, thus very individual layouts occur through the front.

Crystal therapy

I can’t stress enough, this is merely my way of doing things, through reading this I hope you will see or feel your way of working with Crystals.

There’s a few things I feel I should say before you move on to the pictures showing how I do the layouts. Do not feel you need to have crystals anywhere near as large as the ones I use…Any size crystal will be of great help. One small Crystal per chakra will make a big difference. You may enhance a smaller crystals strength by visualizing or willing their energy to expand past their normal boundaries.

Lode Stone Layout

Lodestone layout

Lodestone has been used by many cultures for magnetic healing (they can quite happily pick up nails) Here I have placed the lodestones in a triangle shape to represent a pyramid. Herkimer Diamonds (Small double terminated clear quartz crystals from Herkimer, New York) to amplify thus enhancing the layout. It is often helpful to place quartz crystals at the nape of the neck as well as the tailbone(spinal fluid reservoirs) in any back work you may perform. I have witnessed clients spines moving into balance quite often using Lodestones.

It is interesting to note that sports medicine is using magnets for healing injuries to athletes…They probably think it’s quite new but peoples such as Native American Indian and Australian Aborigines have been using lodestone for a very long time!

Tourmaline Layout

Tourmaline layout

Tourmalines are electromagnetic crystals, as we are electromagnetic beings we respond to these crystals very well. Tourmalines also come in all colors of the rainbow and are the only crystal to do so. Therefore I use a lot of creative visualization, using the rich diverse colors tourmalines offer us.

For your information the tourmalines shown are From the bottom up, Black tourmaline, Black Tourmanated Elestial quartz crystal, green Tourmanated self healed cathedral quartz crystal, Green Tourmaline, Rubelite tourmaline(red/purple), pink tourmaline, Watermelon tourmaline(round green with pink in middle), gem quality green tourmaline and a Indocolite tourmaline(blue). The tourmalines charge the body much like a battery charger charges Batteries, the body can rest while being charged up! As a result they are very good to sleep with. I recommend a black Tourmaline for insomniacs(Black tourmalines are in fact an intense mixture of all the colors) .

Elestial Layout

Elestial layout

Elestial crystals are Master healers and they work on so many profound levels, I can not even really begin to cover them here. I believe if you are lucky enough to be a custodian of an Elestial, It will be a unique experience to the individual working with it. You may receive any of the following or more, emotional guidance, throw you from procrastination into intense action, receive spiritual guidance, calm, energize, give profound insight, amplify psychic abilities, detoxify vital organs, Heal on a physical level and much more.

One thing comes apparent time and time again in this layout. That’s the detoxification of the kidneys and liver. It shakes it loose into the bloodstream. Then by drinking LOTS of water the toxins will be flushed out.

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