Aji Amarillo

Original Seed Source:
Obtained through internet correspondence. I extracted the seeds from dried pepper pods that were given to me.

Typical c. Baccatum appearance with plants reaching 5-6 feet in a single season. This is my tallest pepper. Fruits start off green maturing to orange. This is one of the few peppers that I like ripe (orange in this case). It is very pungent with a delicious flavor. This is a late maturing variety (120 days from transplants for ripe fruit)..

The flowers are large but typical baccatum in appearance.

Note that there are many peppers called Aji Amarillo (which translates into simply “Yellow Pepper”). All of the others of the same name that I have tried don’t come close to the flavor of this one.

Special Tips for Saving Seed:
I had no success setting self pollinated fruit under netting the first year. One of the problems was the very long time from early flower formation to fruit actually setting. During this time the branches would double in length filling the netting with a tangled ball of leaves and crunched flowers.

I was fortunate to have a mild winter that year and one plant survived into the next. During the second year I had little trouble setting fruit under netting. The fruit set faster also, typical of second year plants.

This year (year 3) I am growing plants from saved seed as well as from overwintered cuttings from the original plant. Many fruits have set under netting as of 3 years ago. The netting has to be adjusted regularly to prevent foliage crowding.

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