Can Drinking Water While Working Out Lead to Cramps?

Can drinking water cause cramping?

I walk on my treadmill 4-7 times a week, and I believe I’m in pretty good shape. However, I sometimes experience a slight cramping in my side or abdomen. I drink a quart of water while walking because I get so thirsty. Is this okay? Does it cause the cramping?

As long as you’re sipping that water, and not chugging it, I doubt it’s causing your cramping on the treadmill.

It sounds like you’re experiencing side stiches. Do you warm up for five to ten minutes before getting into your brisk walking mode? Side stitches are often a result of engaging in too much exercise, too soon. When you get on a treadmill, with the speed set for you, you may be going faster than you normally would outside, where you naturally warm up to a brisk pace.

Try warming up and see if your mild cramping disappears.

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