Flower Carpet Rose – Best ground cover rose

High disease hardiness, extra-long flowering and sparkling green foliage make this versatile rose a standout with ADR judges.

Flower carpet pink noatraum by werner noack

In the 1990 annual report of the All Deutschland Rose Testers (ADR) in Germany, only one rose was judged to be worthy of their prestigious “ADR Rose” award: The ground cover rose Flower Carpet Pink, var. Noatraum, by Werner Noack.

The world’s most rigorous and stringently monitored rose trials proved to be as tough on competitors from around the world as ever. Of the 43 different roses evaluated, 42 failed to score the 75 points needed to win an ADR award. However, not only was Flower Carpet singled out for honors, it achieved the highest score ever for natural disease resistance compared to all other roses ever tested.

Flower Carpet achieved an exceptional rating in all test gardens during each of the three years it was tested. On average, it scored 85.5 points out of a perfect 100. For health, it scored 18.3 points out of a perfect 20. The ADR testers made special mention of Flower Carpet’s versatility and its healthy, shiny foliage.

Absolutely no chemical spraying is permitted during the three-year ADR trial. Each rose is judged on its natural merits six times annually over a three year period. Parallel-testing is conducted in nine gardens in order that achievements can be measured in as many differing soil and climatic conditions as possible. Testers devote special attention to the health of each rose and to its resistance to fungal diseases. For example, Ground Cover Rose Flower Carpet was tested approximately 160 times in regard to resistance to sickness.

Naturally, under such examinations — which is always carried out between June and October, when black spot, mildew, blight and rust are rampant — only exceptionally robust entries ever survive scrutiny.

Flower Carpet Attributes & Growth Characteristics

  • Prolific, vigorous flowering. Flourished in wide range of soil types and all US climates.
  • Extra-easy maintenance. No fancy pruning — one hard cut annually with hedge shears is quite enough.
  • Exceptional versatility. Ideal as lawn substitute, or in borders, patio pots, hanging baskets.
  • Flowers—Iridescent rose-pink flowers, subtly fragrant. Medium sized—about 1.5 inches across—in clusters 6-8 inches. Petals lighten before fall-off.
  • Buds—Short, plump, cherry-colored buds.
  • Foliage—Glossy green foliage, small to medium sized leaves. Leaves can continue through winter in milder climates.
  • Seasons—Can be planted in spring, summer or fall, and in almost any soil type. Long flowering season, up to 10 months in the warmer climates.
  • Hardiness—Will grow well in all US climate zones. Flourishes in USDA zones 5 and above with no protection. Proven performer in climates ranging from hot to humid to extremely cold (Calgary, Canada, zone 2b, where it readily comes back with minimal protection)
  • Has unprecedented resistance to mildew and black spot — requires no preventive spraying or dusting against these traditional rose scourges.
Flower carpet

And expert rose judges around the world have acclaimed Flower Carpet with numerous First Prizes and three Gold Awards: ADR, Germany ’90; Boskoop, Holland ’90; St. Albans, England ’90; The Hague, Holland ’91; Gravenedge, England ’91; Glasgow, Scotland ’93; Paris, France `94.

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