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Why does head lice appear to be on the rise these days? My daughters have always been instructed to take precautions and not share brushes, but have contracted head lice three times in the past year!

Human head lice

Head lice treatments

Head lice infestation in child care and school-age children is common in the U.S. and elsewhere. Indeed, if you talk with any parent of a child 2-15 years of age or so, you will hear the lice lament. (I too, have been there). Many experts believe that easy availability and perhaps overuse of pediculocides (the medications that kill lice) has made head lice increasingly resistant to treatment. Spread occurs by direct contact with the hair of infected persons and possibly by contact with their personal items, such as hats, combs and brushes.

Head lice do not imply unclean living conditions, unlike body lice, which are typically associated with poor hygiene. Itching is the most common symptom, and nits (lice eggs) – which adhere to individual hairs like glue and then hatch into the next generation of lice – can be seen, especially behind the ears and at the nape of the neck. Live lice may be seen too: They are tiny dark spots that move quickly.

Head Lice meister comb

Shampoo containing permethrin is the safest and most effective way to kill lice and is available over the counter. The manual removal of nits with a nit comb is key to complete eradication, however. You can find current information about treatment and can order the most effective nit removal comb, the Licemeister, at the National Pediculosis Association Web site.

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  1. I had a similar issue. And it made comtpele sense when the school nurse told me to use lice preventative hair care products on my daughter that will prevent her from getting lice again. She kept getting lice because her class was still dealing with an outbreak and parents were having the same issue. It was a continuous cycle that never ended and very frustrating. I looked into some natural products-since I refused to use any more harmful chemicals on my daughter. I found these products called Rosemary Repel products made from Fairy Tales Hair Care for Children. All their products are natural and safe to use every single day the best part is their products REPEL or keep the lice away!! As long as you use most of their products your child will not get lice. I used it after I treated her one last time and thankfully (cross my fingers) she has stayed LICE FREE. I use the Shampoo, Conditioner, L/I Spray ( I use on her backpack, coat and bedding) and the Spray Shield. At this point, I am so sick of these pesky critters that I never want to deal with them again so I am trying to do everything I can do prevent her from getting it.I make her change her clothing as soon as she comes home from school and I wash them I also do daily headchecks! Her class is still dealing with outbreaks so thats why I am a nut about this! I am currently telling other parents about these products. Because they do work and if ALL parents were to use these products then I believe outbreaks will lessen and the chances of my daughter getting lice again will also lessen.Fairy Tales Hair Care’s website has loads of information in case your skeptical I was too but then I realized I had nothing to loose but LICE!! I also included a link to ABC NEWS homepage..they did a piece on LICE PREVENTION and Fairy Tales Hair Care products were there product of choice! Hope this information helps Good Luck

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