Is spaciness serious?

When your kid’s lost in space

My 9-year-old daughter seems to be in “space” – a lot! Sometimes when asked to do something she forgets quickly and then moves on to a subject that has nothing to do with the issue. Is this normal for her age?

Children who seem to be “in space” a lot – particularly if the teacher notes the same problem – need further evaluation for the possibility of attentional problems.

Girls have Attention Deficit Disorder without hyperactivity more often than boys. Their hyperactive male classmates are identified early in school, because their behavior disrupts the rest of the class. Girls with attentional problems seem to be dreamers, not focused or not trying hard enough. At home, they may have difficulty following through on tasks or may seem disorganized.

Also, depressed children may act the same way as children using drugs (the latter is unlikely in a 9-year-old). You should see your pediatrician for a complete evaluation or referral if necessary.

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