Mighty milk-off: cow’s, goat’s or mom’s?

Is goat’s milk better than cow’s milk for nursing infants?

Without question, mother’s milk is best for infants.

For the nursing mother who wants to supplement her baby before the age of one year, neither goat’s milk nor cow’s milk are recommended. One of the standard infant formulas should be used to supplement: they are milk-based, but the components of the milk have been adjusted to be more like the milk of a human than the milk of a cow.

Also, goat’s milk and powdered cow’s milk are both low in folic acid, a nutrient essential for building healthy red blood cells. Nor does cow’s milk does not have the iron infants need to build healthy red blood cells. It can also cause inflammation and blood loss from the lining of the intestine.

Until the age of one year, healthy babies should be fed human milk. Between  goat milk and cow’s milk, I would go for goat milk.

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