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Eat only natural, 100% organic, food, to be healthy and closer to your soul. Feed your body with natural, healthly food.

Rice Talk

Rice comes in various forms. Here in the Philippines, we have them in bags or sacks and purchase them by the kilo. But with the era of fast food or supermarket ready foods, rice now comes in bags, cans and even cartons in the US and Europe. Rice is gold in Asia. A meal is …

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Mash potato appeal 1

Mash potato appeal

Of course you love mashed potatoes! But skip the butter this time, and mash those spuds into huge fluffy clouds – with buttermilk. You’ll adore the distinctive flavor; even more so when laced with a little roasted garlic. Nutritional bonuses: vitamin C, B6 and niacin. 1/2 c. = 113 cal., 0.6 g. fat

Yucca Root

Q: Does anyone have information on the use of Yucca root? I would like to use it for joint ailments. Arthritis and loss of cartelage in the knees. I have plenty growing in my yard. Yucca root contains steroidal saponins which reduce inflammation. It is normally combined with other herbs for this purpose, such as …

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