Planning for Parenthood – I want to give birth

My husband and I have decided to start trying for a child in the spring of 2012, 18 months from now, but I’ve found that I’m already starting to make changes in many areas of my life. Some of these changes weren’t necessarily borne out of our plans for parenthood; but in the odd way the world works, they support the direction we’re heading.

Planning for Parenthood – I want to become a mother

parenthood i want to become mother For example, six months ago I realized that I was no longer willing to work in an environment that did not reward creativity and intelligence, so I quit my job. My whole life I’d fantasized about becoming a journalist, but beyond getting a few pieces printed here and there, I’d never made the commitment. Now was my chance. I can’t say that it has been easy learning how to give myself structure and pursuing assignments, but I do think by the time my husband and I are ready to become parents, I’ll be settled into a career that fits my personality.

Having a good feeling about where I am careerwise will give me more time to concentrate on becoming a good mother.

By Diana Lawton


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