How to treat a scalding burn or a small burn

What should you do when a child scalds himself with boiling water?

Immediately immerse the burned area in cool water, or apply a wet, cool compress – a clean, wet washcloth will do – to the burn. Then cover the burn with a triple antibiotic ointment and a dry, sterile bandage. Doing all of this will protect the burned area and reduce the pain.

Infants and young children have very delicate skin, so they’re more susceptible to burns than adults. If your child’s burn is larger than an inch, or deep in the skin, it should be seen by a physician. Same with burns on the face, hands or soles of the feet.

Natural Remedies for Small Burns

Small burns can be treated at home, without being concerned about a possible infection. The most famous natural treatments and positive outcomes of burns caused by scalding are:

  • Aloe vera juice applied to the affected area possesses inflammatory drugs and pain away;
  • A beaten egg white foam hastens the healing process of burns;
  • A teaspoon of honey applied to the burned skin and covered with a bandage to the area, relieves pain and speeds up tissue repair;
  • Burning sensation will disappear if you cover the burn with a slice of raw potato or a poultice made ​​from grated potatoes.

how to treat a burn


*You can safely handle without professional help, only superficial burns that do not exceed the size of the affected hand. Those that exceed these dimensions and are deeper requires emergency medical care to prevent complications.

*If the affected area involves the face, hands, feet, joints or genitals, you necessarily need to seek a medical help specialist. Also, if the blistering starts to burn or swell, or if the victim does not feel pain, but the burn is visible deep, you need to go to a medical center for care .

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