Walking on treadmills vs. the sidewalk

Are treadmills better than the sidewalk?

I have been an avid walker for about 4 years now and I enjoy it. In the winter I use a treadmill, and I wonder if the impact on my joints is harder on a treadmill, or when I am out walking in my neighborhood?

Actually, it depends on where you walk in your neighborhood. But I’ll assume sidewalks. If so, then the treadmill is probably easier on your joints. It’s built to be resilient and to have a certain cushioning to it.

Most treadmills are built to withstand the impact of running, so a walker gets a pretty nice ride. What you don’t get on a treadmill is quite the same exercise, since you do not really push off the ground as you do outside. The ground moves away from you and you are always hurrying to catch up. But it’s a great workout all the same. Enjoy!


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