Parts Used:
Whole plant.

The essential oils in clary sage have a soothing euphoric effect on the body and mind.

Clary sage is widely used for PMS, stress, muscular aches, stomach cramps and menstrual pain. It also relieves symptoms of asthma if massaged onto the chest, and prevents excessive sweating, which make it helpful for night sweats. Clary sage can be used as a tonic for depression and during the postnatal period.

Can be used in a burner (6 drops), bath (10 drops), warm compress or massaged on to the body (combine with carrier oil ratio 3-5:100).

* Do not use during pregnancy.
* Do not use clary sage while using alcohol.
* Do not use as an inhalant for asthma (massage only).
* When massaging onto the abdomen for menstrual pain or stomach cramps, always massage in a clockwise direction.

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