Epsom Salts

Few could argue with the soothing effects of a nice, warm bath. And when you add epsom salts, a warm bath just might be even better. What some experts say about epsom salts. How does soaking in epsom salts work to soothe sore muscles?

After a hard day’s work, you might enjoy kicking back and soaking in a warm bath — maybe with epsom salts. As the salts dissolve, they change the density and surface tension of your bathwater. This gives the water a soft feel — which might contribute to the bath’s overall soothing effect.

Epsom salts also contain a chemical compound called magnesium sulfate. If the magnesium sulfate salt solution that you’re soaking in is strong enough, it might wear away dead skin cells. You’d be left with the sensation of newer, softer skin. The salt solution might also have a slight “drawing” effect, meaning that it could draw out some by-products of inflamed muscles.

But the most soothing thing about soaking in a salted bath might have more to do with the soaking than with the salts. When you lie back in the tub, your muscles relax. And the warm water stimulates blood flow, which feels good. Also, the mere thought that epsom salts might help could be enough to do the trick. You think you’re less sore because of the salts in the bath — so you might actually feel less sore.

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