Fiber Rich Foods Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease that primarily hits western women — around six times as many women in Australia, England or America develop breast cancer as women in Asia. As women move from the Orient to western nations, their incidence of breast cancer increases by a factor of six times. Clearly, if western women were to move towards the diet and lifestyle of Asian women, they could dramatically reduce their risk of contracting breast cancer.

Studies show that women may be able to reduce their breast cancer risk by fifty percent simply by eating more fiber-rich foods in their diet. Diet is easy to change, whereas other established risk factors, such as family history, cannot be changed. In a study carried out by CSIRO nutritionists (in Australia) the group of women who ate the most fiber (28 grams or more a day) were found to have only half the risk of breast cancer compared with women who had the lowest fiber intakes (around 14 grams a day). Fiber consumption may also be beneficial for prevention of other common types of cancer, such as bowel cancer.

To enjoy the protective effects of fiber-rich foods, nutrition authorities recommend we eat at least 30 grams of dietary fiber each day. Foods rich in dietary fiber include fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, and wholegrains.

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