GERANIUM astringent, diuretic and haemostatic

Parts Used:

Geranium oil has antiseptic, astringent, diuretic and haemostatic (slows / stops bleeding) properties.

The essential oil of the geranium leaf is used for depression, acne, PMS, hot flushes, water retention, menstrual problems and as a mild antiseptic. It can be used to balance sebum production in oily or dry skin and is used in many cosmetic preparations, especially the oil of the rose geranium. Geranium is often blended with other oils, especially as an insect repellent when it is commonly used with bergamot or citronella.

* Geranium oil may be used in a warm bath (10 drops) or in a burner (6 drops) for depression.
* Can be used with carrier oil (3 – 5:100) and massaged onto the body for hot flushes, water retention, depression and menstrual problems.
* Geranium can also be applied topically for acne and in a warm compress for minor skin irritation.

May cause irritation to sensitive skin.

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