Get Control of Overeating

Keep your tank partially full-all day

Start with a hearty breakfast of satiating protein, appetite-curbing fiber, and energy-boosting carbs. Follow that with minimeals every couple of hours to keep your appetite in check. Starving yourself is a sure route to bingeing.

Eat soup every day

A bowl before a meal can curb your appetite, making it easier to stop before you polish off the Godzilla-size portion of pasta on your plate.

Pay attention to your food

Inhaling a sandwich or bagel at your desk or in your car can set you up for a binge. “We turn to richly flavored candy bars or fat-dense chips to satisfy the flavor experience we didn’t get to begin with,” says Swift. Instead, take time to focus on what you’re eating and savor every bite.

Slurp, guzzle, or gulp

No matter how you do it, drink, drink, drink — water, that is. Being just slightly dehydrated — which we often don’t realize — may be misinterpreted as hunger.

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