Gift Guide for Walkers

Discover your walking friend’s “walking personality,” and find a perfect gift to match for any occasion.

Looking for a gift for a special walking buddy? You may be overwhelmed by the choices that will add comfort, convenience or style to dedicated walkers’ lives. So, we’ve made it simple!
Just take a moment to match your buddy to one (or more) of the four walking personalities below, and then just choose from our list of perfect gifts!

First, choose a walking personality:

EXERCISE WALKER: Determined and disciplined. Will walk anywhere, anytime. Loves challenges. A bit on the competitive side. Would make a great coach. Knows the meaning of “resting pulse.”

ROMANTIC WALKER: Prefers sunrise and sunset walks. Loves poetry. Can spot a deer track from 10 feet. Likes long strolls and idle moments. Goes off the beaten track. Knows the value of a perfect walking partner. Refers to Thoreau as “Henry.”

PRAGMATIC WALKER: Would walk more if she had the time. Walks to and from work or during the lunch hour. Knows exactly how many calories there are in a bagel with cream cheese. (And how much money she’s saved on parking fees.) Can appreciate the beauty and bustle of an urban stroll. Will know the approximate walking distance to all the good restaurants in town.

WAYFARER: Has walked places most people have only dreamed of, if they’ve even heard of them. Loves luxury but tolerates the rustic well. Can pack a suitcase better than anyone you know and understands what it means to travel light. Usually has at least one foreign coin in her possession at any given time.

Keep in mind that if you don’t see anything that strikes your fancy (and we’re pretty sure you will!) you can always buy your friend a gift certificate toward a pair of walking shoes. Always a perfect gift for a beginning or advanced walker!

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