Does Ginkgo Biloba cause headaches?

Ginkgo biloba powder

Q: The night before last I took my first Ginkgo (30mg), and yesterday I had a headache all day that was sort of like a sinus headache, but didn’t respond to usual stuff I take for those type of headaches. Also, was o.k. as long as I was lying down or sitting really still. Was wondering if it was the Ginkgo Biloba, or if maybe just a new type of headache. By the way, decided to try the Ginkgo to improve my circulation a bit. Thanks for any info.

Does Ginkgo Biloba cause headaches?

A1:  It is always possible. Everyone can have different reactions to any substance. It could have been a simple allergic reaction, or it might be a simple coincidence. You could try a smaller dose again and see if you get the same reaction.

A2: If Ginkgo turns out to be what is causing the headaches, you can use Hawthorn berry for circulation. I usually suggest using Hawthorn for circulation and Ginkgo / Gotu Kola combination for memory.

If the headaches still continue, than you should definitely visit a doctor.  If you are already introduced in the art of meditation, you can try it to get rid of the pain.

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3 thoughts on “Does Ginkgo Biloba cause headaches?”

  1. Ginkgo Biloba gives me extreme, all day long headaches. It happened the first time I tried a supplement pill of one, and I’ve been afraid to ever try it since. Everyone is different, but I, personally, can’t take it.

    1. Have you ever tried the tea out of ginkgo biloba leaves or the fruits? At least to try to see if you have reactions…

      Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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