How to mentain healthy?

Q: I’ve just begun taking an interest in herbs I guess because of growing older and wanting to stay healthy in the coming years.

A: A good place to start would be by taking cayenne pepper. It will improve your blood circulation, and good circulation is essential to your health. It will also revitalize your organs. You have to take the hottest cayenne you can find. You just can’t buy the stuff they sell off the grocery shelf. That stuff is junk when it comes to improving your health. It must be at least 90,000 heat units. The two types of cayenne that I always suggest is African bird and Habenero. This can usually be purchased at most health food stores, but you can also order it from herbal companies.

You may take the cayenne as a tea, or you can buy empty gel capsules. (These can also be purchased at most health food stores.) You will want to start with a dose a day, and work your way up to at least 3 per day. I have found that by taking the cayenne just before I eat stops the burning in my chest. Cayenne is so great for many other things as well.

Some people worry about cayenne destroying the lining of their stomach, but it will not do that. As harsh as it is to the tongue, it is very gentle to the body. I can give you much more advice on herbs, but it would help if you could be a little more specific.

Do you have a particular problem that you would like to take herbs for, or are you interested in herbs to help promote your overall health? Are you wanting herbs that will give you energy as you age? The herbs will help, but if you are really interested in improving your health as you age, I would suggest you also take a look at your diet. I can help you with that also. There are certain types of food that you may be eating that will cause your system to fill with waste matter and cause your blood to be impure. This is the cause of most degenerative diseases. You can reply here on the message board, or you can email me with more specific questions.

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