LEMON haemostatic, astringent and antibacterial effect

Parts Used:
Rind and fresh juice.

The active constituents of lemon have a haemostatic (stops bleeding), astringent and antibacterial effect, it also stimulates the immune system.

* Lemon has long been used by doctors for treatment of tuberculosis, syphilis, malaria, typhoid, bronchitis, and the flu. It can be used for cuts and minor wounds, as a mouthwash, for gingivitis and mouth ulcers.
* Lemon is thought to reduce the risk of circulatory problems, arteriosclerosis, arthritis and varicose veins.

* Fresh lemon juice can be used directly on minor wounds.
* A cotton ball soaked in lemon juice and gently pressed onto an extracted tooth, can halt bleeding. Soaked cotton balls can also be inserted into nostrils for relief of nosebleeds. It is also known to have a bleaching effect on the skin and can be applied to freshen up dull skin and dull freckles.
* Essential oil of lemon can be used neat on warts or use 6 drops in very hot water and inhale the vapors for colds, flu and throat infections.
* Essential oil of lemon can be used in a compress and applied over varicose veins and combined with carrier oil (3 – 5:100) and massaged onto the body for poor circulation, colds, flu and immune deficiency.

* Undiluted essential oil of lemon can cause irritation to sensitive skin.
* Essential oil of lemon can cause photosensitivity, avoid direct exposure to the sun after use.

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