Linseed prevent breast cancer

A teaspoon of linseed once a day gives additional protection against this disease most frequent, say experts from the University of Minessota (USA). Dr. Joanne Slavin together with his colleagues have conducted a study involving 34 women who are at the menopause . They have received, in addition to the regular diet, the same for all participants to the test, 5 g linseed , or 10 g, or not at all, for seven weeks.

The Results?

The women who took Estrogen supplements,the cancer level has decreased substantially, change which didn’t happen to the women who have not taken anything. Or, you know that the level of these hormones has a relationship with the occurrence of breast cancer. Specialists consider that the protective effect is due to lignane, a substance contained in the action, which has a similar activity to estrogen.

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