Sea Buckthorn – Natural drinks and the secrets of preserving

Sea Buckthorn is the absolute champion of autumn; because of the fruit contents can ensure the body needs for a day of vitamins, minerals and trace elements by drinking only a few beans or a glass of juice. Sea Buckthorn also contains antioxidants, important substances in the impeccable functioning of immune system. But, in order to preserve it fresh as much as possible these fruits is necessary to harvest them with all the branches and hanging them in the pantry. Or they can be dried and used as tea. But the sea buckthorn can be prepared even in the form of cider or syrup.

Sea Buckthorn cider

500 g fresh fruit, 5 litres of boiled and cooled water, 1.5 kg sugar, yeast as a nut and lemon juice to place them in a stoppered flask demijohn type of fermentation. Keep the vessel two weeks atthe room temperature, then pull in bottles and kept in a dark,cold and dry place.

Sea Buckthorn syrup

Fruits are crushed and mixed with sugar or honey.You can use any fruits of the forest, but the preserve secrecy is the percentage of fruit  and  the percentage of sugar-honey.

This are the percentages to preserve fruits

  • at 64% sugar/honey (62-64%), the syrup is maintained
  • under 62%  sugar/honey – syrup ferments
  • over 64% sugar crystallizes.

For the honey bee, the ideal percentage is 75-80%.

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