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When I read the Bible, I understand the big picture. This is because I am willing to look closely at the details and interpret them with a twenty-first century mindset, not a 2000- to 4000-year-old one. The multitude of angels, lights, fire, clouds, and pillars from heaven that the authors thought so important to write about might not have literally been the things people assume them to be. The miraculous events surrounding the life of Christ can now be explained in much simpler terms. One must realize that back in ancient times they had neither modern medicine nor other forms of advanced technology. Is it possible that superhuman beings from the stars were responsible for the so-called supernatural phenomena reported in both testaments of the Bible?

If one objectively researches UFOs and reads scripture with an open mind, one should come to the conclusion that this is really true. Unfortunately there is no proof yet that we know of. The government has kept its knowledge of UFOs so very top secret for so very long, that it is only natural to wonder why. Many people today believe in them. UFOs exist. There is life out there – intelligent life far more advanced than ours. Of this I am certain. Could it be that the government denies the facts because they are worried about the implications? If everyone has to accept the reality of higher intelligence, they will be forced to reexamine their religious beliefs… and eventually realize that angels and aliens are one and the same.

I am also certain that these extraterrestrial messengers of God – bringers of ultimate truth – have been influencing our development here on Earth: guiding us spiritually; treating us, as it were, like their children; teaching us to be grown up, act responsibly, love one another, etc. Is it so important that such a philosophy be handed to us directly by God? Must we continue indulging in the belief that the humanlike lords of the Bible are actually the Supreme Consciousness of the Universe? The all-powerful beings that people for thousands of years believed to be God are not God at all! They are just angels, who are much like ourselves except better in all respects.

Now we arrive at the question of Jesus. He was not the Son of God and part of the Trinity. He never even said he was. He always referred to himself as the son of man. If Christ had a heavenly father, it was not God but a man – certainly a man of superior caliber, a man from somewhere other than this world, but still a physical man. It happens today that a virgin can easily become pregnant through a procedure called in-vitro fertilization. Back then, the virgin birth was a miracle; now it’s commonplace. Jesus tried and tried to get the message across: We are not alone in the Universe! I am the son of man! His attempt to remove the “gods” from their idealized status largely failed until the present day. He told his disciples who he really was, but he also told them not to tell anyone else until the time was right, because he knew people would have a hard time accepting it. He preached to love one another, but to get the message across Christ had to do some fantastic things. Preachers were a dime a dozen back then as they are now, so he had to do something to stand out from the crowd. He performed “miracles,” “magic tricks.” To a bunch of people that didn’t yet have modern technology, they were pretty spectacular! Today they are not that spectacular.

In the time of Jesus Christ, people (at least that we know of) had no airplanes and rocketships and automobiles, no cellular telephones, no televisions or computers, no satellites that help to forecast weather, etc. They were, compared with today’s standards, very backward. If someone fell into the water and drowned, he was dead. No heartbeat. No breathing. Today, if the paramedics get there in time, they can be brought back to life! Certain drugs can put a person into such a deep coma that they appear to be dead. But administering the correct drug can bring them back to consciousness. High-energy laser beams can start fires from a great distance. Modern science unlocks the secrets of the universe, God’s creation, and helps us to understand it and marvel at it. The highest compliment we can give God is to show an interest in this wonderful universe he created! Science does that. I believe science can help explain many things that seemed miraculous to the authors of the Bible.

What the Hebrew messiah did was far from unique. Take, for example, his raising of people from the dead. As Lloyd M. Grahm explains in Deceptions and Myths of the Bible,

In the Hari-Purana, translated by Jacolliot, we find a story about Krishna (Chrishna) raising a young girl from the dead as Christ raised Jairus’s daughter. According to the Hindu myth, Kalavatti, daughter of Angashuna, died, and as the people were mourning over her,

… suddenly, a great rumor spread throughout the palace and the following cries were heard, a thousand times repeated: Pacya pitaram; Pacya gurum! “The Father, the Master!”

Then Chrishna approached, smiling, leaning on the arm of Arjuna. “Master!” cried Angashuna, casting himself at his feet, and sprinkling them with his tears. “See my poor daughter!” and he showed him the body of Kalavatti stretched upon a mat…

“Why do you weep?” replied Chrishna, in a gentle voice. “Do you not see that she is sleeping? See she moves. Kalavatti! Rise and walk!”

Hardly had Chrishna spoken when the breathing, warmth, movement, and life returned, little by little, into the corpse, and the young girl obeying the injunction of the demigod, rose from her couch and rejoined her companions.

But the crowd marveled and cried out, “This is a god, since death is no more for him than sleep.”

More than ten other “demigod” messiahs, from cultures around the world, suffered their own death on a cross. Some, such as Christ, were able to come back to life. The “resurrection,” which is considered irrefutable proof of his divinity by traditional Christians, might have been the result of advanced medical techniques. Jesus of Nazareth was a master illusionist, a persuasive orator, an experienced doctor, and a downright great man. But he was a man, not God! He just had a lot of help from his heavenly father and his angels.

The evidence shows that other such men were born into various societies around the world. They became prophets, kings, heroes, and martyrs. Their purpose was to always deliver a specific message. Consider this chart from Deceptions and Myths of the Bible:

Mother ================ Son

Mary ————————- Jesus
Maia ———————– Buddha
Maia ———————– Hermes
Maya ————————- Agni
Myrrha ——————— Adonis
Myrrha ——————– Bacchus
Maya Maria —– Sommona Cadom
Mariama, title of Krishna

These are just the messiahs whose mothers were called by similar names. It shows that the savior legend is far from isolated to Israel. In fact, many other “demigods” were said to have influenced the ancient world. The whole thing makes much more sense in terms of extraterrestrials than God.

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