The use of clay – therapy

Clay, a component of the Earth, the majority of soils, contains many minerals, trace elements and biological substances which ensure the life and health of animals and plants.

Certain properties of clay-remineralizing, balancing and antitoxic- being used from antiquity until today as levers of maintenance of health and beauty.

Types of clay

Healing clay is a sterile, with normal radioactivity without microbial germs and without toxic substances. The quality of clays can appreciate first depending on its color, taste and smell. There are yellow clays, green or blue, red or white.

I Consider that it is good to be yellow using kaolinitic in our country, because very many food and medicinal plants, both cultivated and spontaneous, normally grow and produce fruit only on the soils in which there are naturally necessary life and health, I mean where are these types of clay. Chalky white clay is seldom used, because the soils in which there are these clays component, the plants are little and dry. So, in these soils, there are few substances necessary for life and health. In kaolinitic green, considering the fact that, on the soils in which there are these clays component grows the few plant species, and some of these plant species are toxic, their use in therapy is not recommended.

How to use clay

Depending on the purpose, the Yellow clay can be used  internal or external. There are different concepts on how the use of clay by internal. By some, is, well, its solid or înghitim clay put a teaspoon of clay in a beaker with water, has a amestecam with water and înghitim this mixture! I found out that several people who did so were constipated, have pains in the stomach, intestines, kidneys etc. So, this mode of use of clay has generated much bad, many people.
My concept, based on his experience, is to use clay:


In a jar, put a litre of cold water, and in this water put 5 tablespoons of clay and mix with a wooden spoon. Repeat the mixing clay with water from a jar of a few times at intrevale for about 30 minutes. Clay is deposited in the bottom of the jar within a maximum of 60 minutes. After at least 4 hours we are consuming two or several înghitituri of water by clay which needs to be absolutely clear. Within a day, we are consuming up to 0.5 litre water clay absolutely clear, but not suddenly but gradually. This water does not alter, so you can use and in the days that follow.
Point out that, in the clear water of clay, are dissolved substances beneficial to health, and in a short period will feel their positive effect on the body.

It is appropriate to use the water the clay every day, a period of 3-4 weeks, then will repeat the process every 1-2 months.

The water of clay on the way home can be used for many afflictions, for example-detoxifying, adjustment disorders, endocrine and duodenal ulcer, kidney disorders, hypertension, apendicita, biliari, calculi, dysentery, worms intestinali colite, enterite, afflictions of the nervous system, epilepsy, asthenia, anemia, dermatoze, sinusitis, tuberculosis.


a) Poultices
Make a pasta. Of this pasta making cataplasma which apply on the place affected, either directly on the body, or put it in a gauze to remain in the same place, cataplasma attaching with gauze. It remains on the body cataplasma 2-3 hours or, if you can, all night.If unpleasant sensations occur shall remove cataplasma, but repeats after a few hours or the next day.

Poultices with clay may be used for various affections-teeth, constipation, asthma bronsite, bronsic, hemorrhoids, congestion, palsy, Burns, insolation, panaritiu, contusion, rheumatism, illnesses of the liver, bladder and urinary catheter, plagi, deny, papiloame.

b) In the dish is made to put the clay bath about a quarter of its capacity. Cam long clay, if someone wants to use a hot tub, but that’s it! Use a basin, and will cost you cheaper. Put the hot water, at room temperature and mix. The duration of the bathrooms will be 10-20 minutes. The procedure will be resumed, the 2-3 times per week, and the water (mixed with clay) will be reused. The baths with clay are very good in case of rheumatism in hands and feet, neuralgia or muscle pain.

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