The Winds of Autumn

We are alive at an incredible moment in history, yet one in which carrying unbearable weight and enduring deafening pressures also seem to be facts of existence. September’s transition into Autumn promises several major opportunities for laying down heavy loads and changing paths, if that’s what you really want to do. While we can un-burden ourselves at any time, when I read the September charts I see especially important opportunities that also hint at the need to be more free specifically so that we are free to do our real work, and love who we really want to love.

There is a special message for all people who are presently in unhappy relationships to ask meaningful questions and reconsider their position. Can you remember a time when you were happier? What has been the overall direction of the past six months? Who are you living for – literally, whose life is it really? Events of August should have provided plenty of vivid examples of the way things really are, and of whether there’s actually any hope for the current set-up.

If your relationship is strong, it would now benefit from the added strength of flexibility, and there is an inclination toward radical re-awakening of love and healing old wounds around the 12th. For people who are not in intimate partnerships, the stars’ message is to consider totally new opportunities and improved means of communication with the people around you, and to set your standards a lot higher than you ever have before.

For everyone, the message is communicate with other people about your experiences. Reality check and see how many others around you are going through exactly the same thing you are.

The past two changes of season have brought major shifts of energy, a phenomenon which appears only to be getting stronger. With a lunar eclipse and the Fall Equinox within a few days of each other toward the end of the month, the psychic wind is blowing in strong gusts through wide gateways, and the choice to harness it in your sails will be put against the possibility of getting blown over. Make the choice consciously!

With the Equinox chart including a waxing Moon in the first degree of Aquarius trining the Sun as it transits into Libra, plus Mercury retrograde in his strongest sign, this promises to be an interesting season.

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