Tips: Natural Ant Repellent

Keep ants out of any place by sprinkling a line of turmeric powder around the area and they will not enter. Turmeric actually works as a great natural antiseptic agent.

ants in space

Against ants, the best solution is table salt – sprinkle salt in the kitchen or in the garden, or you can make a brine which you spray on the floor, on the plants and on furniture and get rid of them.

A good ant repellent is also this one: you can do a mixture of 20 drops of peppermint oil and 10 drops of lavender oil with half a liter of water and the liquid is sprayed several times all the way ants are spread. Another advice would be to sprinkle cinnamon powder on where they come in the house.

Cut a lemon in half, and spread the juice all over the place they are, they won’t like the lemon taste, or slice some ​​lemons and leave the parts in various places.

Another well known ant repellent is “Tobacco water” –  organic substance traditionally used in gardening. The tobacco must be left to soak for about 48 hours before spraying. It is more efficient if is mixes with parsley leaves and a bit of celery root.

If you know any other natural  repellent, any other recipe that you’ve heard or tried, please tell us. There are many people searching for this.

Turmeric actually works as a great natural antiseptic agent.


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