Treating pre-cancerous cervical cells

I’ve been diagnosed with pre-cancerous cervical cells and have had several biopsies to remove these cells. I’ve been looking into B17 on the internet. Would you recommend using B17 to reduce the chance of these cells becoming cancerous? I only have half of my cervix left and may need more removed in the next few months, so I’m desperate to do what I can. I’m 32 and want to have children.


I would not recommend B17 to prevent the cells from becoming cancerous. I would need to look at your pathology report in order to advise you about the possibility of a local natural treatment protocol that I have conducted research on (see The Definitive Guide to Cancer; Burton Goldbergy Publishing). If you are not a candidate, then I may also end up recommending another LEEP or conization in combination with supplementation , vitamin A and herbal suppositories developed for this purpose.

If you are waiting a couple of months to see what happens prior to your next test, then supplementation of folic acid (10 mg), vitamin C (3-6 grams), beta carotene (75,000 units), and multi-vitamin and mineral supplements (2 per day) could be helpful in preventing a progression or helpful in reversing the process. I would recommend that you make an appointment with a Naturopathic Physician who has experience in this area. Good luck!

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