Drug-free urinary infection cures

Are there any good remedies for urinary tract infections that don’t use antibiotics?

I love answering questions about natural treatments for cystitis because they are so successful. Cranberries and cranberry juice have been used to treat bladder infections and have been shown to be very effective in several research studies. A mere 16 ounces of cranberry juice ingested daily produces improvement about 75% of the time. There are many cranberry extract herbal products on the market as well. The positive action of cranberries is thought to be three-fold: one, it acidifies the urine; two, it is antibacterial because it contains hippuric acid; and, three, it reduces the ability of bacteria to stick to the walls of the bladder and urethra.

I also strongly recommend 500 mg of vitamin C every 2 hours for 2 days. Lastly, an herbal capsule or liquid extract mixture of some combination of the following herbs:

  • Chimaphilla (pipsissewa)
  • Uva Ursi
  • Echinacea or Hydrastis (goldenseal)
  • Bucchu

Take 20-30 drops or 2 capsules every 2 hours for 2 days then decrease to 3 times daily for 7 days. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, avoid sugar and fatty foods during the infection and give your body a chance to rest.

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