Use Basil to banish the fatigue and protect the house

In the tradition of the people’s, many medicinal plants are used both for the protection of people and homes and animals. Tilia, willow, basil, mistletoe or fir branches, all keep caught in Crowns to icons, on the threshold of top of the house or gates. Some of these herbs were used by the witches in the performance of rituals.

Basil is also known for the therapeutic properties of plants , but also for the magical properties. It was brought to Europe in the middle of the 16th century, this plant entering fast among spices sought and used by the housewives.

At the countryside and not only, women pick up the  Basil and put it somewhere in a special place in order to protect the House. Using the basil, it helps us to keep the water for a longer period. In the ritual of water sanctification, Basil has a very important role.She has, however, and uses magic in bioterapie-in surmenaj, fatigue, and is recommended for them with weak capacity for learning. 

Consumption of the seed of Basil infusion helps to treat renal diseases.But also uses magic weed is the biotherapy – the tiredness, fatigue, and isrecommended for its low learning capacity. Consumption of sweet basil seedsinfused help treat kidney disease.

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