Can vitamins protect against pollution?

I live in a very polluted city and have been taking a variety of vitamin supplements for two years now. I have not had a cold for two winters, my nails are stronger and my skin has improved to no end. After reading your column, I feel that I am still not taking enough vitamins, but am worried about overdosing. Which vitamins are the most dangerous in this respect, and how will I know if I am taking too much of a good thing?

I also smoke and have a stressful lifestyle.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but by far the most powerful pollutant you are exposing your body to is your cigarette smoking. The number-one thing you must do to assure your health is to stop smoking, not take vitamin supplements.

Aside from that, a good book to help you with indications for supplements, doses, toxicity, safety and best forms of nutrients is The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine by Michael Murray, ND and Joseph E. Pizzorno, ND.

In terms of maximum dosages, supplements that you have to watch out for include: vitamins A, B6, and D, and minerals niacin, zinc, copper and selenium. The best to you in health!

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