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This is the second article of a series of three, which were originally published in Portuguese in Ano Zero magazine (Brazil), in 1992.

Conscientiology and Projectiology:

Two sciences which study the consciousness

Theory and Practice

Conscientiology and Projectiology give special importance to practical experience in interdimensionality as well as to study and theoretical research. For this reason, some basic practical criteria for the development of this capacity follow.

In order to illustrate the manner in which a projector becomes interdimensionally experienced, we can compare his or her efforts to leave the body and dominate his or her bioenergetic system with the efforts made by a competent athlete using the following analogies:

  • Both individuals develop natural, physiological capacities inherent in everyone, but which remain underdeveloped or atrophied when not used.
  • Personal effort, motivation and discipline are indispensable to both.
  • Results are not immediate, but require continuous training; often over a period of years.
  • Gaps in training cause a drop in performance (both become out of shape) which many times demands a retraining period longer than that of the gap in order to regain lost ground (get back in shape).
  • The support of a trainer helps greatly, but the individual must develop him- or herself.
  • Short-cuts are rarely effective or safe.
  • It is best for both to avoid the use of artifices or “crutches” – dispensable recourses usually having negative long-term effects. In the case of an athlete, this would include the use of steroids. In the case of the projector, this would imply rituals, prayers, crystals, and other objects or behaviors which leave one dependent.
  • The athlete has his or her days of high performance and even public glory, whereas the conscious projector has his or her periods of improved projectability and personal “energetic springtime” (energetic renovation).
  • The athlete has his or her bad days when he or she has a lower performance due to many possible factors. The projector similarly has his or her periods of projective recess and energetic blocks.
  • Both the athlete and projector see their continuous training as an integral part of their lives; as a means and not an end.


According to Conscientiology and Projectiology, the consciousness does not “incarnate” or is not born as it were. What occurs, rather, is an “energetic incarnation” or energetic birth. The consciousness, utilizing the mentalsoma (mental body) and psychosoma (emotional or “astral” body), connects itself to the soma (physical body) by way of the holochakra (energetic body). Thus, we can conclude that we must learn to master our bioenergetic system completely in order to take greater advantage of intraphysical (physical) life by developing our higher attributes and overcoming our genetic and mesological influences in a way that allows us to complete our existential program – that which we planned to do in this life.

Bioenergy is the key to the mastery of conscious projection, as well as all other projectiological phenomena. The mastery of bioenergies, which can be accomplished by anyone through the practice of energetic techniques (some of which are addressed in this article), is the point of departure for the controlled, safe practice of conscious projection. But what actually is bioenergy?

Having many synonyms, indicating its universality, bioenergy is also called: acasa (Hindus); animal magnetism (F.A. Mesmer); astral energy; astral light (H.P. Blavatsky); axé (Africans); bioplasm (V.S. Grischenko); biopsychic energy; chi (acupuncturists, China); cosmic energy; etheric force (radiesthesiologists); libido (S. Freud); magnetic fluid (F.A. Mesmer); negative entropy (Erwin Schrodinger); od (K.L. von Reichenbach); orgon (W. Reich); prana (yogis, India); psychic fluid; vital fluid (Allan Kardec); and vital force (C.F.S. Hahnemannod.

In conventional physics, energy is defined as the capacity of a system to perform work, which can be freely interpreted as a dynamic change or transformation. Analogously, bioenergy, which also is neither created nor destroyed, but only transformed, can be understood as the means by which the consciousness manifests itself in any dimension in order to realize work.

In order to didactically facilitate this approach, Conscientiology/Projectiology classifies bioenergy into two basic categories: immanent energy and consciential energy.

Immanent energy is a natural, primary, basic, impersonal form of bioenergy not having yet been altered through interaction with human consciousnesses, is dispersed and is omnipresent throughout the intraphysical (physical) universe and in all extraphysical (non-physical) consciential dimensions. Being multiform, it can manifest as telluric energy (Earth energy), cosmic energy (of interstellar space) and extraphysical energy (that of other dimensions), as well as in many other forms.

Consciential energy is immanent energy which has been absorbed and used by the consciousness in one of its forms of manifestation (intentions, thoughts, sentiments, emotions, acts and others).

At our current level of evolution we are capable of absorbing both types of energy, but can only circulate and exteriorize consciential energy.

Mobilization of Energy

It should be stressed that the tool offering the greatest leverage for the execution of these techniques is your own will. Imagination, visualization, rituals, amulets and other similar recourses can all be dispensed with when you work with energy. You will notice, for example, that the only thing that is required in order for you to open and close your hand is the use of your will. You can view your training with energy in the same natural way because you, as a consciousness, will be acting on another of your bodies – the holochakra (a battery of life-sustaining energy, including the totality of your chakras, which serves as an interface or energetic servo between the psychosoma and the soma).

In the beginning, when one does not yet have much experience, it is necessary to achieve a certain level of mental and physical relaxation in a tranquil location permitting a certain amount of privacy over a certain duration of time. But as you develop your bioenergetic capacities, the control and sensibility of energies will become second nature to you. It becomes possible for you to work with energy while walking, sitting, or talking, when in the sun or in the water, and in any state of mind. You will be able to manipulate energy efficiently, rapidly and unnoticed. You will be capable of anonymously helping a great number of consciousnesses.

It is almost impossible to define the sensations that energy produces. It is rather like trying to use words to explain a color, an odor or a flavor: we can only offer analogies with other sensations already experienced. Thus, some of the more common sensations noted when working with energy could be described as: shivers, a rise or fall in temperature, an electrical current, static electricity, numbness, a prickling sensation, lightness, pressure felt in certain areas of the body (typically in the location of one or more of the major chakras), pulsation, dizziness, vibration, and many others. As you develop your abilities with the energy techniques that follow, try to remain aware of what is happening, always remembering and analyzing the results in order to discover your individual energetic signals, causes and effects.

All applications, manipulations and mobilizations of energy having quantitative aspects can be reduced to three basic operations or techniques: absorption, exteriorization, and circulation.

Absorption of Energy Technique

Situate yourself in a tranquil environment, hopefully a place with positive energies, preferably in a natural setting with a minimum of human traffic. Close your eyes, relax and concentrate on applying your undivided attention and will on the absorption of the energies around you. Try to sense the energy entering through the entire surface of your skin and running throughout your body. It is common, in the beginning, to either feel nothing or to only feel a mild flow of energy but, with continued practice, the sensations will feel progressively more real to you.

Try to gradually enrich your absorptions, varying the following parameters:

  • point of greater energetic absorption: area of the body at which a greater amount of energy is entering (hands, feet, head, etc.);
  • point of greater energetic source: location supplying the greatest amount of energy (immediate surroundings, a specific object, a distant location, an extraphysical consciousness, etc.);
  • intensity of absorption: stronger or weaker flows of energy being drawn inward.
  • diffusion: variation in the degree or angle of absorption (unidirectional as opposed to omnidirectional).
  • directionality: alterations in the direction from which energy is absorbed.
  • rhythm: absorption of energy in faster or slower pulsating flows.
  • velocity: drawing in energy at various speeds.
  • temperature: detection of “hot” or “cold” flows.

The technique of absorption of energy is generally more easily and rapidly developed and used in cases which require a supplement of energy to “recharge one’s batteries”, as in cases of stress, lack of sleep, various illnesses, etc. As you continue to unblock and vitalize your holochakra over a period of time, the need to absorb energy decreases.

Exteriorization of Energy Technique

This process is essentially identical to the previous one, the obvious difference being that you will seek to irradiate or send energy outward from your body. Try to vary the source of exteriorization (the region of your body from which you are sending the energy), the target, intensity, diffusion, direction, rhythm, velocity and temperature of the exteriorized energy. With time and practice, you will be able to vary these factors as needed with little effort.

The principal uses of the exteriorization of energy are: assistance to other consciousnesses (intraphysical or extraphysical); energetic sanitization of environments and objects in general; the cleansing, expansion and vitalization of one’s own psychosphere, or aura.

Circulation of Energy Technique

This technique is the more demanding of the three energy techniques and envisions the installation of the vibrational state, which is a profound and intense activation of the complete holochakral (bioenergetic) structure through the combined resonance of the energetic meridians (nadis), energetic points (acupressure points) and chakras. Many times, this resonance reaches other vehicles of the consciousness such as the psychosoma and mentalsoma, resulting in an enriched vibrational state provoking an agreeable euphoria and an expansion of the consciousness.

The basic uses of the vibrational state are: energetic self-defense from undesired external energies; resolution of energetic blocks or imbalances; provocation of discoincidence (nonalignment of the vehicles of manifestation of the consciousness) sometimes resulting in the projection of the consciousness; general development of sensibilities and paranormality.

The technique is developed in the following manner: while standing, sitting or laying down, send your concentrated energies in a continuing cycle from head to feet to head, etc. creating waves of increasingly intense energy. While the energy is traveling towards your head or hands and feet, endeavor to detect its course, noting any blocks (which almost always feel like energetically “dead” regions resistant to the energetic flow) and forcing (willing) your way through them thereby unblocking your energetic system.

As soon as the energy reaches your head, reverse its direction sending it towards your hands and feet using your ironclad will, always paying close attention to its trajectory. Then, when the energy reaches your hands and feet, reverse its direction once again, etc. Maintain this steady back-and-forth oscillation over a period of time. Always avoid relying on your imagination to propel this energetic circulation. You should try to gradually speed up the process. If you lose the rhythm upon acceleration, which is rather common, simply start again as many times as you need to.

When you are able to accelerate the circulation of energy, you will begin to feel vibrational pulses throughout your body, mildly at first, but little by little this sensation will become more firmly, broadly and intensely established. At this point your body will feel somewhat like a generator vibrating and humming with millions of volts of electrical current. Aside from being very strange and exotic, the sensation is very agreeable and, when very intense, can, as well as installing the vibrational state, provoke a type of “energetic orgasm” (Conscientiology and Projectiology address a technique based on this operation executed by sexual partners which provokes the holosomatic orgasm). The vibrational state can bring one to a condition of holosomatic homeostasis, representing a state of integral health of all vehicles of manifestation.

It merits pointing out that it usually takes a long time before one can generate full intense vibrational states at will regardless of the time, place, or any other internal or external factor aside from one’s decided will power. We at the International Institute of Projectiology notice that it usually takes at least three years of daily practice to reach this level. This being the case, don’t let yourself get discouraged. Keep in mind that this is, above all, an exercise – or test – of motivation and discipline and our capacity to overcome circumstances.

Thosene: The Instrument of the Consciousness

Dr. Vieira created the concept of “thosene” to explain the interaction of the consciousness with itself, its environment and other consciousnesses. This concept facilitates the understanding of such complex phenomena as karma, retrocognition (regression), energetic sympathetic assimilation, auric coupling, interconsciential intrusion (obsession), as well as many others.

The term thosene is a neologism formed from the words thought, sentiment and energy, and implies the inseparability of these three factors which are constantly being generated by the consciousness. In other words, it is impossible to think without simultaneously having sentiments and mobilizing energy, or to have an emotion, affection or sentiment without provoking memories and thoughts and causing energies to transform and flow. It is likewise impossible to manipulate energies without thinking and generating sentiments.

The thosene is proposed as the basic unit of manifestation of the consciousness, somewhat like an atom or constituent particle of morphothosenes (thought-forms) and of the very substantiality of the extraphysical (non-physical) dimensions. It also constitutes the basis of interconsciential communicability.

It can thus be concluded from these hypotheses that our consciential energies always carry our sentiments and thoughts or, rather, that our thosenes determine the quality of our energies.

Given this fact, it is important to point out that one’s level of cosmoethic (universal morality) applied during energetic mobilization and conscious projection (and, obviously, throughout the day as well) will have an influence on the quality and type of extraphysical assistance received as well as the quality of results realized from your efforts.

Preparations for a Conscious Projection

If you really want to have high quality conscious projections and be able to remember them, you must seek to optimize various conditions in your physiological and psychological environment. Also, you should keep continuous training with energies techniques, which will determine the level of your energetic self defense and overall energetic well being. It is important to point out that these always relative conditions, express the empirical average observed by many veteran projectors and shown as a consensus in many international publications. Unfortunately, we do not have space here to give the reasons for all of them. However, we observe that it is extremely difficult to project yourself with a fair degree of lucidity if one or more of the following conditions have not been met. Keep in mind that you should determine your own ideal projective conditions

Ambiental Conditions:

Maintain a maximum of silence in the location from which you will project (your physical base). Adjust the lighting to dim, but not to absolute darkness. Try to maintain the temperature at about 20 degrees Centigrade (68 degrees Fahrenheit) using quiet, indirect air conditioning as necessary. The ideal time to project from your body is around 3 AM in the morning as things are generally calmer at that time of the morning in regards to thosenes, and physical interruptions (note: influences such as the phases of the moon, the season, orientation of your head towards magnetic north, etc. are irrelevant).

Physiological Conditions:

Lie down on your back with your arms and legs comfortably extended at your side. Avoid eating or drinking for at least three hours before the projective experiment. Use a minimum of light, loose clothing, or none at all. See to all of your physiological needs (including sex) before the experiment. Maintain a high level of health and physical hygiene. Avoid stimulating foods and drinks as well as medications and drugs (If you are under the care of a physician or other health practitioner, you should consult him or her before modifying any prescribed treatments.).

Psychological Conditions:

Gradually overcome any fear you may have of leaving the body by becoming thoroughly informed about this phenomenon through study and analysis. Avoid becoming excessively emotional (entering into discussions, arguments, watching suspense films, etc.) before the experiment. Pay special attention to your mental hygiene. Engender a climate of healthy, motivated curiosity. Let go of as many projectiogenic (projection producing) artifices or “crutches” (music, mantras, crystals, incense, lights, etc.) as possible. Never permit negative intentions in any of your acts, thoughts or feelings. Always act in accordance with your personal cosmoethic. Trust in the assistance of the helpers (extraphysical consciousnesses also called guides) with whom you have rapport.

Projective Techniques

Perfect and infallible techniques do not exist. Experience has shown that different techniques work better for different individuals in different circumstances. Nevertheless, what follows is a projective technique (taken from Projectiology: An Overview of Experiences of the Consciousness Outside the Human Body, by Waldo Vieira, M.D.) which has shown good results:

The Psychological Conditioning Technique

This pre-takeoff psychological conditioning that predisposes the consciousness to conscious projection is based on mentalization techniques which should be utilized as a preparation to takeoff.

  • Concentrate your thoughts on the objective of the projection, avoiding mental deviations and daydreaming.
  • Little by little, stop feeling the human body by firmly employing the idea that your dense body no longer exists.
  • Will your mind to become absolutely silent, as if the known universe had disappeared.
  • Concentrate intensely on the idea that material forms no longer exist for you.
  • Seek a condition of separation from all that which is physical or material.
  • Imagine the upward departure of the consciousness utilizing the psychosoma or mentalsoma.
  • Intensely wish to float above where you feel yourself to be.
  • Roll your psychosoma to one side or the other of your soma (body) as you prefer.
  • Be prepared to hear the intracranial noises that accompany the takeoff of the psychosoma, a fact which occurs with relative frequency.
  • If you lose consciousness during the experiment various times in succession, tell yourself before beginning the technique that you will remain lucid while in the extraphysical dimension. The willful provocation of a consciential projection requires work and demands perseverance. Nevertheless, few feelings can compare with the moment in which you perceive for the first time that you are lucid outside of your human body – free from the bonds of dense material. Truly a case of mind over matter.


Some of the principal factors which impede the realization of conscious projections are the social conditionings and educational, scientific, mystical and religious indoctrinations that we all receive. For this reason, if you are truly interested in becoming a veteran conscious projector seek to: always maintain your self- and heterocriticism (question and analyze yourself and everything around you); identify and permanently remove your social conditionings, including those which are not suspect; amplify your sense of universality, discarding provincialisms and dogmas; be courageous and intellectually forthright, cosmoethically analyzing and criticizing everyone and everything; do not permit self-corruption.

“Don’t believe in anything. Not even what you hear (or read) here. EXPERIMENT. Have your own experiences.”

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