Cheeses from Denmark

Danablu cheese

Danish blue-veined cheese. The cheese is white, tinged with green for the action of Penicillium roqueforti. Rather than fat, but strong and spicy, cylindrical (20 cm in diameter, 10 cm thick), weighs from 2 to 3 kg. Maturation takes place in a short time.

Danbo cheese

Danish cheese of the family of cheeses known as “golden”. It is quite fat and melts easily.
It comes in square or rectangular shapes that have a weight of about 7 kg.

Samsoe cheese

Danish cheese called “golden” because of the yellow color of the rind and pulp, produced on the island of Samsoe, has a round shape with a diameter of 45 cm by 10 cm high, and weighs 15 kg. It is produced with skimmed milk, the pressed paste, sweet and firm without being hard, covered with small “eyes”.

It can be eaten fresh, but is not very tasty, better enjoy it later, when aging takes a little spicy flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts. Ageing lasts at least 5 months. Before that time can not be exported. It is much appreciated by both domestic consumers and by foreign gourmets.

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