Clarified pork fat

The best clarified pork fat (strutto) is obtained by melting the softer of the fat, and the fat around the net and the kidneys, and any other crop obtained from the slaughter of the pig.

This fat is melted, it is filtered through a cheesecloth, what remains of fried golden brown fat the “cracklings”, with which we prepare the tasty fillings. There are those who consume them hot and crispy, heavily sprinkled with salt.

Clarified pork fat has some appliances which are irreplaceable. In the Viennese cuisine, and generally in Northern European cuisine, particularly refined, the ribs, and donuts, as well as all potatoes are fried in clarified pork fat.

Everything that is fried in this lard it resists to heat and this clarified pork fat is a cheaper oil.

Lard can be used to make crumbly bread, muffins, bread sticks and cookies. With this lard there are prepared short pastry pie crust.

Clarified pork fat serves to “maintain” soft in special earthenware jars or glass of excellent salami and sausages, smoked and salted meat and otherwise, in contact with air, would be tough.

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