Hababeri Sherry

The habanero pepper is 30-50 times hotter than a jalapeno. The flavor, if you can get past the heat, is fruity and distinctive. This “cooking sherry” brings forth the flavor and reduces the incendiary impact to provide a
delicious seasoning.

1 bottle sherry
1 fresh habanero pepper

The selection of sherry is important. Christian Brothers Golden Sherry or Hartly & Gibson Amontillado are two which provide good results.

Preparing the habanero involves a neat bit of dissection. Take care not to expose eyes or sensitive skin to pepper juice. Rinse and remove stem. Slice pepper open and excise seeds and all surrounding membrane. This part of the
pepper is very hot and contributes no flavor. Use a wooden skewer to hold pepper
into bottle of sherry.

Allow to infuse for 3-4 days and then remove pepper. Use a few teaspoons to flavor soups, stews and salsas- the uses are many. Label the bottle boldly!!


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