I dont eat meat… i think its causing problems

Q: I became a non-meat eater about 2 years ago. since then I’ve devloped spide viens and sleep a lot. i was wondering if it is because im not getting the right foods or what… if so what can i do to get rid of the viens and wake up more. also i need to know what foods i should be eating because i dont have to great a diet. i try to eat beans and cheese for protien but i think theres something esle im missing.

A1: Agree w/post about combos for amino acids. Please study up on nutrition. I would also recommend checking the library or bookstore or “Optimal Wellness.” Has several sections that should help / interest you. Make a record of what you eat every day to help you (and/or a doctor/nutritionist). That will help you get on track.
Please don’t be discouraged.

A2: You need to eat food combo’s with complete amino acids. For example beans and rice in combination together will provide complete amino acids that will allow your body to build the protiens and immune system anti-bodies you need. get tothe bookstore and get a guide to vegetarian diet. It will show you how to match up all your food needs. Better have a doctor chech you and see if you anemic. (beter safe than sorry)

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  1. This is a great post. I start to like reading this site again and again. I’m on my way to get a healthy life. However, it seems so hard to separate the fat to our regular menu. Nice post anyway. Thanks.

  2. It is not so difficult, all you need is a reason. I”m not eating meat because I’m not feeling so good after. I’m trying now to have a raw food diet, this is difficult for me, but it’s a challenge.

    Thanks for reading us!

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